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Gastric Bypass Surgery Patient
Cherese, 36, patient and employee at Florida Hospital Carrollwood
BMI WAS 53, NOW 34
"I am 7 months post op and have lost 97 pounds. I thought at first that I was not a good candidate - that I wasn’t heavy enough or I didn’t have any of the obesity related diseases, yet. I thought I was too young. I chose to have my surgery at FH Carrollwood because of the great things I heard about Dr. Fernandez and his team (staff, nutritionist, education and support groups). This journey has enhanced my life in so many ways."

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Premier Bariatric and Weight Loss Surgery

Bariatric surgery has been shown to be the most effective and long-lasting treatment for morbid obesity. Surgery results in significant weight loss and helps prevent, improve or resolve more than 40 obesity-related diseases, including type 2 diabetes, heart disease, obstructive sleep apnea and certain cancers.

Are you a candidate for bariatric weight loss surgery?

  • You are at least 18 years old.
  • You have a BMI of 40, or a BMI of 35 and obesity-related health conditions (below).

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Type 2 diabetes accounts for 95% of the 25.8 million diabetes cases in the US. 8.3% of the U.S. population has some type of diabetes. Obesity is a major independent risk factor for developing the disease. Diabetes is associated with increased risk of heart disease and stroke, high blood pressure, kidney disease, blindness and amputations. Head to toe studies found bariatric surgery superior to medical treatment in producing Type 2 diabetes remission, even before weight loss.

With bariatric surgery, patients can see 88% improvement in hypertension and 70% of cases are cured. The most important issue to remember is that obesity is associated with hypertension, and hypertension is associated with many other diseases that can affect overall health and life expectancy. With weight-loss, a significant fall in blood pressure may permit a decrease in the number or amount of medications taken.

Obesity increases risk factors for GERD, Gallbladder Disease, Pancreatitis, Liver Disease and Gastrointestinal Cancer. Obesity is an important risk factor for gallstones, particularly in women, among whom the risk of symptomatic gallstones increases with BMI (body mass index).

With bariatric surgery, patients can see a 93% improvement in pulmonary issues. In 74% of cases, pulmonary issues are resolved. Obesity can lead to obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and obesity-hypoventilation syndrome (OHS). More recent data suggest that the prevalence of wheezing and bronchial hyper-responsiveness, two symptoms often associated with asthma, are increased in overweight and obese individuals.

Several cancers, including esophagus, pancreas, colon and rectum, breast endometrium, kidney, thyroid and gallbladder are linked to obesity. In 2007, obesity caused approximately 50,500 new cancer cases in women and 34,000 in men.